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Naturehike Outdoor Hydration Water Bag 2Ltr


Brand: Naturehike

Origin: China

Model: NH18S070-D

Capacity: 2Ltr

Size: 35.5*18cm

Net weight: about 200g

Tube Length: 100cm

Material: BPA Free

Internal layer: PE

Outer layer: EVASL

handle: ABS

Nozzle: Silicone

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The inner layer of the drinking water bag is made of PE, and the outer layer is made of EVA, which does not contain any harmful ingredients and has no peculiar smell.

The intimate design of direct drinking water pipe head and the structure design of water nozzle with 130° bending angle make drinking water more convenient in sports.

Specially designed for sports, the new SL handle design enhances the sealing strength, high strength and hollow design can use hanging buckles.


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