Decathlon Quechua MH500 Outdoor Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle 0.5Ltr


Brand: Decathlon | Quechua

Origin: France

Model: MH500

Capacity: 0.5Ltr

Net Weight: about 270g

Color: Lime Green, Moonstone Gray

Thermal Insulation: Starting temperature 95°C:

After 6 hours the water temperature is about 67°C.

After 12 hours, the water temperature was about 52°C.

After 24 hours, the water temperature is about36°C.

Prevent scalding when filling hot water.

Durability: Double stainless steel inner wall construction 18/8 (304) with air gap in between.

Ease to Use: It can be opened quickly with one hand, and the cap can be locked with the handle. Made of stainless steel.

Easy Maintenance: Screw cap for easier cleaning. Stainless steel inner wall.

Material: Bottle 100% Stainless Steel Lid 81% Polypropylene, 10% Polyamide-6.6, 8% Silicone Rubber, 1% Stainless Steel

Instructions For Use: Do not place in microwave or freezer.

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This stainless steel water bottle is lightweight, durable, and insulated.

Can keep cold or hot liquids warm. Significantly lighter than standard insulated water bottles. Lockable cap with quick opening and integrated filter. 0.5 liter.

Test: This insulated product has been tested in accordance with the following regulations. Put 95°C water into the lunch box, then cover it and put it in the oven at 20°C. After 6 hours, the water temperature measured 67°C. After 12 hours, the water temperature was 52°C. After 24 hours, the water temperature is 36°C.

Storage Advice: Wash and dry before storing. Please store in a clean and dry environment.

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Lime Green, Moonstone Gray


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