Decathlon Quechua Men’s Trekking Sun and Wind Protection Jacket with Water Repellent HELIUM500


Brand: Decathlon | Quechua

Origin: France

Model: HELIUM500

Color: Dark Grey

Available Size:  M, L, XL

Sun Protection: UPF 50+

Net Weight: Size L about 110g. Extra light and strong fabric.

Water Repellent: The outer side of the fabric is treated with water repellent to prevent light rain.

Moisture Permeability: Breathable fabric

Breathable Design: Small vents on the back and under the armpits keep you dry during exercise.

Wind Resistance: Microfiber fabric, dense weaving process, effective windproof.

Compact Design: Can be packed into a pouch.

Material: Body Fabric 100% Polyester Pockets 100% Polyester

Maintenance Advice: The zipper must be closed when washing.

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Hiking outdoors in fine weather. Effective sun protection, blocking UVA/UVB rays, and lightweight and breathable.

UV protection factor UPF50+, compact and lightweight about 95g size M, the award-winning windproof hiking skin. Effective wind and sun protection, suitable for outdoor hiking.

Size and Fit Information: Fitted cut for freedom of movement and effective sun protection.

Wind-Breaker: Comes with a hood. Comes with a small pocket that can be folded and stuffed into it.

Warmth and wind Resistance: Cold wind can significantly increase the cold feeling! If the outside temperature is 0°C and the wind speed is 20km, you will feel as cold as -10°C.
“Windproof” fabrics help reduce discomfort from this “air cooling effect”. These fabrics are very effective in reducing heat loss (creating a wind barrier).

WASHING RECOMMENDATIONS$adcee559deefc7c012c9271b38ea3a19/sq/40.jpg Machine Wash – Below 40° Water – Normal$e6772f544b86d78c37019f00202b3806/sq/.jpg Do not bleach$409d9a046bde262f50007866ca4efb96/sq/.jpg Drying – low temperature$ee50ebbc6475e2fc88370acca7f6f07e/sq/110+C.jpg Ironing – below 110°C – no steam$62a2a302f26afc4adf3c1ccf6b45fc1a/sq/.jpg Do not dry clean

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M, L, XL


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