Decathlon Quechua Women’s Hiking Sun Protection Jacket HELIUM100


Brand: Decathlon | Quechua

Origin: France

Model: HELIUM100

Color: Sky Blue, Taupe

Available Size: S, M, L

Net Weight: Size L about 110g. Extra lightweight strong fabric!

Pocket: 2 simple pockets on the side for easy access.

Sun Protection: UV protection (blocks ultraviolet rays): UPF 40

Wind Resistance: Microfiber fabric with a dense weave for effective wind protection.

Moisture Permeability: Breathable fabric.

Water Repellent: The outside of the fabric is water-repellent to keep out light rain.

Material: Main fabric 100% polyethylene terephthalate

Size and Fit Information: Fitted cut for freedom of movement and no driving. The jacket is loose on the inside and can be worn over a thin second layer, such as a fleece or lightweight down jacket.

Maintenance Advice: The zipper must be closed when washing.

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Specifically designed for nature lovers, it’s perfect for outings in sunny weather. Provides effective sun protection, UVA/UVB protection, and is lightweight and breathable.

UPF 40+, lightweight and compact, award-winning windproof trekking jacket weighing 110g in size L. Effective wind and sun protection, suitable for outdoor hiking.

WASHING RECOMMENDATIONS$adcee559deefc7c012c9271b38ea3a19/sq/40.jpg Machine Wash – Below 40° Water – Normal$e6772f544b86d78c37019f00202b3806/sq/.jpg Do not bleach$409d9a046bde262f50007866ca4efb96/sq/.jpg Drying – low temperature$ee50ebbc6475e2fc88370acca7f6f07e/sq/110+C.jpg Ironing – below 110°C – no steam$62a2a302f26afc4adf3c1ccf6b45fc1a/sq/.jpg Do not dry clean

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Sky Blue, Taupe


S, M, L


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