New WOLFMAN 4-Season Camping Gas Cartridge

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Origin: China

Gas Size: 230g, 450g

Filling: Propane-Butane

Net Weight:

230g cartridge – 370g
450g cartridge – 630g


230g cartridge – 8cm x 11cm Ø
450g cartridge – 15cm x 11cm Ø

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Portable tourist can with liquefied propane-butane-isobutane gas.
Intended for camping gas burners, gas lanterns, soldering irons and other camping gas equipment with a threaded mounting type (epi-gas).
Even fire is maintained with the help of a highly purified gas mixture.
It can be used at home, subject to careful observance of safety techniques.


Please select the standard connector when using, please prevent leakage, do not connect and use near the flam source when connecting.

Do not expose camping gas cartridge under direct sunlight.

Do not store at temperature above 50°C.

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230g, 450g

1 review for New WOLFMAN 4-Season Camping Gas Cartridge

    New WOLFMAN 4-Season Camping Gas Cartridge photo review
    Muhammad Saad
    December 6, 2023
    Got 230g, amazing product totally recommended.
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