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Naturehike Ultralight Folding Camping Cot Military Bed


Brand: Naturehike

Model: NH19JJ006-NH19JJ009

Color: Black

Net Weight: about 2.7-3.1kg

Bearing Weight: 150kg

Size: About 190x65x38cm

Packing Size: 53x20x20cm

Storage Size: About φ19x52cm

Material: Polyester Oxford / 7075 Aluminium Alloy

Accessories: Bed Cloth*1, Storage Bag*1, Foot Liner Tube*12, Supporting Foot Rod *3, Supporting Rod*2.

Sold out!

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Easy to carry and super lightweight! Add a storage bag to make it easier to carry.

Once folded, it can be held in one hand and can be easily loaded into a car or motorcycle. Assembly is easy! Assembly is easy! Great for outdoor activities such as camping, beach, BBQ, touring, events and festivals.

Second generation, new design! Adjustable height!

Style 1:

No cot legs, height 17 cm, you can sleep safely on a dry and flat place

Style 2:

With a cot leg attached, it has a height of 38 cm and separates moisture, insects, dirt, etc.

Comfortable sleeping anywhere

In summer, you can sleep well and cool, and in winter, you do not receive the cold air directly from the ground, which prevents bottom cooling.

Even if the ground is uneven, it is not affected and you can sleep soundly all night.


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