Naturehike Electric Multifunctional Mini Air Pump 3in1


Brand: Naturehike

Origin: China

Color: White

Size: 7.6*6*12.5cm

Net Weight: 430g

Material: ABS + PC

Lithium Battery: 9000mAh

Battery life: about 60mints

Lighting: about 11hr-14hrs

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Multi port gas charging: upgrade the high-power battery and quickly inflate. It is recommended that each use time should not be more than 20 minutes, and the machine body needs to be cooled before reuse

350 lumens: the polar dimming function can adjust the brightness of the lighting duration, about 11-480 hours, and the illumination area is about 10-25 flat

High power power charger: intelligent identification charging device, which can be charged while lighting, making outdoor life more convenient.


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