Decathlon Forclaz Easyfit MT100 Backpack 70Ltr


Brand: Decathlon | Forclaz

Origin: France

Model: Forclaz Easy-Fit MT100

Color: Brown Black

Net Weight: about 1.9kg

Dimensions: Height: 65cm, Width: 30cm, Depth: 30cm and

Compatible with 2 x 15L Half Moon Storage Bags.

Comfortable to Carry: Suspension fits male figures. EASYFIT Automatic Backpack Adjustment.

Multi Compartment Design: Separate storage space. Can be accessed all the way to the bottom of the backpack. There are 5 pockets in total.

Multifunction: Kettle stand. Rod support. rain cover.

Durability: Polyester main fabric not only reduces weight, but also is strong and durable. The bottom of the pack is reinforced.

Air Permeability: The back of the pack has aluminum bars to reduce back pressure and improve air circulation.

Hydrate Quickly: Provides a compartment where you can place a water bag for easy drinking. Water bags need to be purchased separately.

Ecological Design: We use colored particles to dye the yarn without using a dye bath process. In this way, a lot of water is saved.

Products Composition: Body 100% Polyester Lining 100% Polyester Panel 100% Polyester Sideband 100% Polypropylene Club Bag Cover 100% Polyester Coating 100% Polyurethane.

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The Decathlon Forclaz Easyfit MT100 backpack is comfortable to carry, easy to use, durable, has a certain technical content, and provides good storage space. Eco-designed carry bag made of solution-dyed polyester.

Our team of enthusiasts designed this easily adjustable 70L backpack for multi-day trips, comfort and simplicity. The volume of this backpack reaches 70 liters, making it easy to carry personal items.

Co-designed with users in the French Alps, this good capacity bag is simple and comfortable without compromising on technical features. An eco-designed bag with its bulk-dyed polyester and recycled buckles.


Our specially designed Decathlon Forclaz Easyfit backpack unit helps you adjust the height of the pack and the tension of the straps at the same time by simply pulling on a single strap (one on each side).
1. Put the backpack on your back. 2. Fasten the strap with the buckle and tighten.
3. Pull the handle from bottom to top. And it’s adjusted!

WASHING RECOMMENDATIONS$bf1988465ea974caa704a059fa780058/sq/.jpg hand wash$e6772f544b86d78c37019f00202b3806/sq/.jpg do not bleach$1717d691fa82bddb5253176331928dc3/sq/.jpg do not dry$95e1495cdf1db6d43e478a84bbe2ad6e/sq/.jpg do not iron$62a2a302f26afc4adf3c1ccf6b45fc1a/sq/.jpg do not dry clean


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