Decathlon Aptonia First Aid Kit


Brand: Decathlon | aptonia

Origin: France

Color: Red Bag

Net Weight: 165grams

Package Contains: 

1 pair of gloves
1 adhesive
1 bandage
1 elastic bandage
2 cleaning wipes
1 tweezers
1 scissors
4 safety pins
5 packs of small wound Plaster
5 packs of medium wound Plaster

Multifunction: First aid kit (can handle small wounds, contains bandages and basic limb support)

Multi Compartment Design: This fabric case has 2 compartments, one of which is a simple style and the other one contains a zipper.

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Our team of hiking enthusiasts has approved this first aid kit. You can build a first aid base according to your own plan.

This kit contains different first aid items that can be used to treat minor wounds. In the event of a sprain, it can be used to support the limbs. Include an extra space. You can use this space as you like.


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