d.light S3 Portable Solar Camping Lantern


Brand: d.light

Model No: S3

Color: Red and Black

Net weight: about 160g

Dimensions: 10D x 12W x 22H Centimeters

Brightness: 4x brighter than kerosene

Voltage: 3.2 Volts, 400mAh

Solar Panel: Integrated solar panel

Battery time: Up to 12 hours per full charge
Portability: Adjustable handle & stand
Material: Plastic, Metal

S3 Specification:

Tough and sturdy, Weather resistant for sun and rain,

Adjustable support, Glow-in-the-dark button

Smart solar indicator for charge intensity, 60,000-hour life

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The d.light S3 is the next generation of the world’s best-selling solar lantern. This easy-to-use solar-powered light enables children across the developing world to study during evening hours, improving their grades and creating a brighter future. Parents love the affordability, reliability and opportunity it provides.

About this item:

EFFICIENT: High-efficiency solar panel can charge even on a cloudy day. Perfect addition to emergency preparedness kits and hurricane survival supplies

LONG-LASTING: Up to 12 hours of light on full charge

DURABLE: Built with sturdy design and high-quality materials

VERSATILE: Adjustable metal handle allows the light to be placed on a table, set on the floor, hung from a wall or on a hook. Can be used as an LED camping tent light


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