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Decathlon Simond Climbing Chalk Bag Vertika Size L


Brand: Decathlon | Simond

Origin: France

Color: Ochre

Net Weight: 100grams

Carrying Comport: Adjustable belt.
Its elastic design provides better climbing comfort.

Easy Transport: Drawstring to avoid spilling chalk everywhere in the bag.

User Comfort: The fleece lining provides comfort.

Eco Design: The outer fabric and inner fleece are made of recycled polyester.

Ease of Use: Its wide, rigid opening allows you to easily access your chalk

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Our designers developed this recycled textile chalk bag for the climber who climbs indoors and on rocks, whatever their level.
Lightweight, supple and compact, this chalk bag will enable you to carry your chalk around without feeling anything.

Our designers worked mainly on two points to reduce the environmental impact of this product:
1-The interior and exterior fabrics are made of 100% recycled polyester.
2-The plastic buckle is made of recycled plastic.
Our analyses show a C02 impact reduction of approximately 6%.
By recycling plastic bottles or used textiles to produce our polyester, we are reducing our use of petroleum-based resources while retaining the qualities and performance of the fabric during use.
In addition to the advantages stated above, we have added a loop strap on the side enabling you to easily attach a bouldering brush.


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