Decathlon Quechua Women’s MH100 Mid Top Mountain Hiking Waterproof Shoes


Brand: Decathlon | Quechua

Origin: France

Model: MH100

Color: Blue Pink, Brown Red

Waterproof: Waterproof Breathable Membrane Lining:

Keeps feet dry for 3 hours in all Weather.

Grip: Non-slip rubber outsole with 4mm cleats.

Impact Resistance: The toe features a solid stone-resistant rubber to protect the toe.

Strong Wrapping: High gang. Tie the laces between the top of the foot and the ankle through the buckle.

Material Composition:

Sole 70% Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), 30% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate,

Upper 68.1% Polyester, 17.5% Polyurethane, 14.4% Cattle Split Leather Lining,

Insole 90% Polyester, 10% Nylon

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Designed at the foot of Mont Blanc, these hiking shoes are waterproof. Ideal for occasional mountain hikes.

Full palm cushioning, effective protection and comfort for your feet; high-top support design; waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry.

Frequency and Intensity?

We divide the product into 3 mountain trekking levels according to its performance and characteristics:

– Occasional: about 10 treks per year, each trek for 3-4 hours, the distance does not exceed 10 kilometers, and the altitude change is less than 700 meters.

– Frequent: 20 treks per year, 4-6 hours per trek, 10-20 km, 700-1200 meters of altitude change.

– Frequent: Hiking more than 20 times a year, each hiking time is more than 6 hours, the distance is more than 20 kilometers, and the altitude changes 1200-2000 meters

Waterproofing test:

In the laboratory, the shoes are placed in water as deep as the upper, and walking is simulated with the help of a robotic hand. With this test, we can determine how long and how many kilometers the shoe has walked before getting wet.
Then, we confirm that the shoes meet the expected specifications in a real field environment as well as in the rain.

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Blue Pink, Brown Red


40, 41


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