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Decathlon Forclaz Battery Powered Walkie Talkie


Brand: Decathlon | Forclaz


Origin: France

Net Weight: 250g (With Packing)

Battery Time: 20hrs each one works, with 3AAA alkaline batteries. (6 batteries included).

Transmission Range:

In an open field: 5km
In the countryside/forest: 1km
In town: 300m

Note: Walkie-talkie not waterproof.

Sold out!

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This pair of walkie-talkies was designed to communicate freely at short distances (5km max. in an open field) during your hikes and treks in the mountains

Communicate with your group in the mountains without needing your phone. ONCHANNEL 110 walkie-talkies allow several people to talk without using the telecommunications networks.

Transmission Range:  To optimize the transmission range of your walkie-talkies, ensure that there are as few obstacles as possible (including users) on the imaginary line traced between the 2 devices.

Channels and Sub-Channels: 8 PMR 446 MHz compatible standard uncoded channels.

Material: Outer cover 100% Polycarbonate, Inside room 90% Epoxy, 5% Steel, 5% Copper.


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